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In Memoriam to Umut Sürel A.K.A Faciya von Tiss


Performance video 15'41''


© Istanbul Queer Art Collective

Performance directed by Tuna Erdem

Performed by Tuna Erdem, Seda Ergül, Onur Gökhan Gökçek, Leman Sevda Darıcıoğlu, Sema Semih, Zeyno Erdost

Adopted from the Original Score: "In Memoriam to George Maciunas #2 Variations" by Robert Bozzi 

Performance video directed and edited by Burak Serin

Shot by Osman Nuri İyem, Birkan Yorulmaz

Shot at Santralistanbul Energy Museum, May 31, 2014

Exhibited at Les Belle de Nuit, Zurich as a  part of Gender Bender Exhibition

On 31 May 2013, as unexpected and as predictable as a balloon exploding under pressure, The Occupy Gezi movement begun in Istanbul. It was a night filled with water cannons, tear gas, and police violence but more importantly with resistance, solidarity, and wonder. The LGBTI community was among the millions that took to the streets to prevent the demolition of Gezi Park, which is among other things, a cruising place for gay men and transsexuals. Exactly one year later, in anticipation of an anniversary demonstration police closed down not only Gezi Park but Taksim Square, the city center in which the park is located. On that night we reenacted the Fluxus performance “In Memoriam”, in memory for our friend and drag queen Umut Sürel who had a lung disease and died shortly after Gezi. Whether the gas he inhaled during Gezi had anything to do with his death we shall never know. 

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