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photos by Eda Sancakdar

Mother of...

Performance Video 10'01''


© Istanbul Queer Art Collective

Performed by Tuna Erdem & Seda Ergul

Shot by Eda Sancakdar

Produced by Queer Art Projects and funded by Arts Council Englad as a part Galatea project.

Exhibited at Every Woman Biennial, Copeland Gallery, London

“A Sculpture for Mary Wollstonecraft” in Newington Green, was called “the most polarising art work of 2020” by the Guardian. Always against binaries, be it gender or pole, Istanbul Queer Art Collective wanted to complicate matters and multiply points of view, by reading Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, together with Jeanette Winterson’s FranKissStein, at Newington Green, in front of the sculpture in question. The resulting video “Mother of…” is a combination of sound art, performance documentation and graphic text. “Mother of…” is an intentionally overwhelming video, with a bombardment of audiovisual information that forces you to choose “sides” arbitrarily and feel frustrated for having to do so.

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