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Istanbul Queer Art Collective will perform at NSA: A Queer Salon, a night of performance, dialog and dancing inspired by the Salon's of 19th century at the historic Sutton House in Hackney. 


NSA: A Queer Salon is curated by Steakhouse Live. 


The Library is Open! brings together two library themed durational performances: The Itinerant Poetry Library by Sara Wingate Gray and Psychic Bibliophiles by Istanbul Queer Art Collective

on April 13, 2019

at Oscar Wilde Temple, Studio Voltaire


Istanbul Queer Art Collective member Tuna Erdem will have a live talk with Nima Sene on Feb 9, 2019, at Manchester, as a part of Queer Contact 2019 festival. 

Curated by Xavier de Sousa and Alessandra Cianetti for performingborders | LIVE 2019, the event will be an exploration of both artists' practices through the lens of their experiences as LGBTQ+ migrants in the UK artistic landscape, and how that has impacted their own approaches to their art making processes.

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